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Our Aims !!

To develop Auli towards the most attraction in World map. To brings new kids and children a world class skiers. Putting smiles om those children who are not able to efford for ski course / to hire the skies or to take participate in National Games etc... while helping them we giving there needs we put a smile on there face which make us to be more in strength and our Aims come true but this way.


Why Travel With Snow Ski School Auli?

If  You want your vacation to be a memorable one, with memories that will last a lifetime. But you also want it to be hassle free.  Traveling to an unfamiliar country can be overwhelming, and that's why it's best to leave the planning in the hands of good organization.  But how do you choose the best– the one with the most knowledge who will give you the best value for your hard-earned money?


Here are 4 reasons why you should book a tour with our Organization :


•             Ski Industry Knowledge – Snow Ski School Auli  is founder by  AAC - Auli Adventure Club and Snowboarding Club Auli,  So at Snow Ski School you will find selected and Experience Team. The founder  Mr. Vivek Panwar and Co Founder Santosh Kunwar, has a solid background in the Ski Industry.  Mr. Vivek is taking care of Snow Ski School and is a International Snowboarder. He born at Auli and since child hood he make skies his friend and since then he never look behind and have given good achievement in National Ski Champion ship as well International field. Honor by  CM as well FIS. Co Founder Mr. Santosh is also, an avid snowboarder, started selling ski trips when he was only 16-year-old high school student in Joshimath Auli. Now he is taking care of snow School Schedule training program as well other necessary Ski and Snowboard Packages and Lessons. Beside this other Top 10 Team of Snow Ski School Auli are fully field with Experience of 10 to 20 years in Ski and Snowboard field.  This make the Snow Ski school to a big achievement.

•             Local Knowledge – A tour operator who is sitting at a desk somewhere far away from Auli cannot truly understand the difficult situations and mishaps that can arise in a Himalayan ski resort and at slopes.  Only locals can gave exact information as well training, as we all are local contacts, we can offer more quality service and safe trip.

•             Strong Relationships with the Local Ski Guides – We have built strong relationships with the local ski guides and will only recommend the most qualified guides who not only work for us even come from other states. These top guides will ensure your safety while skiing and Snowboarding and will also make sure that you have the best possible ski experience. 

•             As we are Non Profit Organization so we are  Reasonable, offer affordable Prices, we strive to give you an exceptional level of service at the most reasonable prices. We offer a various range of packages and ski courses– all at an affordable price. Because of our local contacts and self Snow ski School and other tie up resorts and self ski shop at auli, we are able to offer the best prices available for whatever comfort level package you choose.

Our snowboard and ski instructors are specially trained to make your time on the snow safe, fun, and successful. We offers beginner to advanced classes for the young, young-at-heart, and the first-timer. If you are looking for an amazing ski and snowboard experience, or just someone to ski with, learn more here.



What we offer ::===>



:=> All of our attention is placed on top quality training and service. We provide a wide range of special offers such as:

:=> Alpine skiing and ski course for all ages
:=> Snowboarding course for all ages
:=> Carving, snowshoe hiking
:=> Ski tours ‒ taster tour and one and two-day tours
:=> Cross-country skiing
:=> Private lessons for two and more
:=> Fun sports
:=> Corporate ski Training

:=> Back Country Ski



What do I need to pack?

We have written a comprehensive packing list but as long as you own a waterproof jacket and trousers plus are willing to buy some thermal tops and bottoms, a fleece, some gloves and sunglasses, you will be fine! But ask around, you will be amazed at how many people have ski equipment hidden away in their closets.


I m first time taking ski lesson how safe i m ?

You are 100% safe as we have experience team and International level coaches, even if you are first time on ski slopes do not worry we will take care of you and its real adventure fun on the snow.


Do I need specific ski insurance?

You must take out an insurance policy and we recommend doing it as soon as you pay your deposit. It is just one of those things. Ski accidents have a tendency to cost and the difference to normal holiday insurance is the costs involved with rescue from the mountain.


When is the best time to go for skiing?

Obviously your work is the biggest constraint here but if you can travel anytime between December to March you will notice that the prices reflect when is popular and when is not. December and January meaning fresh powder snow (soft and fluffy) but often grey and cold days, February offers blue skies but the weather is often super cold. Also Feb is a bit of a gamble - the snow can be a bit icy meaning harder to slow down but can also have fresh snow and March offers longer warmer days, but you may find that the snow cover isn’t so thick and may be slushy in the afternoon. Not really an issue as a beginner or an intermediate skier.


Auli Skiing offers variety of Ski and Snowboard courses every winter. Our ski and snowboard courses are designed for all age groups. Come this winter and Learn skiing or snowboarding at Auli Himalayas.





Grab your ski boots and book your vacation now!


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