Auli Skiing & Snowboard School


Ski & Snowboard School Auli

Destination :: Auli upper and Lower Auli

Altitude :: 2200 to 2900 meter


Why Ski India?

India is a fascinating country. The local people will provide hours of people watching entertainment and this goes way beyond their obsession with cricket and Bollywood. The combination of the interesting cultural experience and an awesome skiing and snowboarding adventure makes for an inimitable ski holiday. Like the curries on offer, skiing in India is very fiery! 


Here are only a few more reasons to sign up with us:


We are True Himalayan Guides who run the trip self by well trained safe and secure Team and staff. As we belongs to local community the amount that you pay help us to pay local guides as well get more crew and new team from locals as well benefit for Local children skiers.

The 15% Of incomes of Ski and other activity goes for NGO - Himalaya Adventure Tourism Social Development Community Joshimath Garhwal Himalayas...!!

THE NGO works for Workshops, training programmers, seminar/symposia/conferences, nature camps, exhibition, environment, local food exhibits , Education and awareness, capacity building, training for local youths as nature guides, skiing courses for poor school children and mostly Eco Tourisum and Woman welfare project in high pass remote area.


Our Aim ----> Our AIM,  is to achieve yours

Ski & Snow Board School Auli is a Non Profit Organization which work for skills development of local children skiers who are not able to effort skiing training and cannot participate any skiing competition and did not have any skiing equipments.  We help such students , children  to achieve your Aim.

From January till March end We run Daily Skiing and Snowboarding Lesson,  Ski and Snowboard Course such As Level  I,  Level 2,  Level 3 and Instructor course and Corporate Skiing Course since 2005.


Children skiing and Family Skiing fun is also arranged by our Experience Team.  All our Skiing Team and Instructor are Locals , so with your course fee they are filled up their salary.  Whatever the amount save by us help for children development and for the women local welfare education.  


OUR AIM ::-->

1. To promote Auli at International Ski Winter market
2. To brings new children's forwards as a skiers or snowboard or cross country skiers as Skiing level at Auli Uttarakhand have been decrease to 25% only
3. To provide ski cloths and skiing equipments for local children who are good skiers.
4. To arrange every year ski camps at Auli to promote local people and students and children towards the skiing and bring them on International level skiers.
5. To make funding and sponsor for such skier and snowboarder who are good skiers and can bring the medals in International events for India.
6. To bring mostly  Girls and Children and support them in all way to achieve their goals in skiing field.
7. To help WGFI and State Federation for Snow Skiing National and International Events at Auli.
8. To promote local skiers as a part of National / International Games Technical team and Coaches etc..
9. In Summer we organize Adventure Camps and other activity to fund can be generate on regular bases.
10. To bring the local people forward as a guide, instructor, cook , team head etc...


To Be a part of Snow Ski School Auli please email us or call us ::-->   For Donation or Donating Equipments & Cloths click here.


We are excited by the success of our Ski School, and look forward to expanding our work. Here is how you can help!

By making a financial donation to the  Ski School. Financial donations can go directly towards any of the following projects:

1.            Maintaining existing equipment
2.            Building of a ski school building
3.            Expanding our local instructor training - to include safety practices and techniques for winter travel
4.            Acquiring new equipment - for example a donation of   $100 would provide one pair of skis boots and poles for one child, including transportation.
5.            Transporting additional equipment 
7.            Sponsor for Children for training camp and taking participants for International Events.

By donating your used skis, poles, boots, sunglasses, ski clothing, climbing equipment or ice-hockey skates.

Acting as an instructor for the ski school anytime between January and April. For more information contact us.

Travelling to Auli in summer or winter and using Snow Ski School ski guides.  By buying a set of local products from us.



We are looking for any   Alpine Skiing equipment in reasonably good condition. Children's sizes are most needed. Downhill equipment will be used if not too heavy or too long.


Our most urgent need is for:

Short skis (150 cm long) with any type of binding (for children).
Good quality adult skis, fat or skinny (150-190 cm max.). Free-heel or ski mountaineering/alpine touring binding preferred.


Any children's boot sizes.
Small adult boot sizes (maximum size UK 9, US 9.5, European 43).

Sunglasses / snow goggles - any quality or fashion.

Good quality climbing ropes, harnesses and gear (e.g. belay devices).
Artificial climbing holds for the climbing wall.
Ice-hockey skates (maximum size. UK 7, US 7.5, European 41).

The Ski and Snowboard School has representatives in New Zealand, USA, and England  and Mumbai / Bangalore who could receive equipment / cloths. Please contact us for more details.


Have A Real Experience of Snow Skiing Holidays Trip With us......!!


For Booking write us @ Auli Ski & Snowboard School


Ski & Snowboard School Auli

Naga House - Auli

(Branch - Lower Auli Joshimath)

Active Members ---> Adventure Tour Operators of India, Indian Mountaineering Foundation

UFO – Uttarakhands ‘s  Finest Outdoors – The State Tourism Outfitters Association

Recognized & licensed by Govt. of Uttarakhand Tourism

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